Hiccup In Mark Twain's How To Train Your Dragon

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The character with the most leadership that I noticed was Hiccup. He has a lot of pressure on him being Stoick the Vast’s son, and he’s not really a Viking at all. Watching How To Train Your Dragon is like reading a Mark Twain novel; you watch the boy grow up. In the beginning of the movie Hiccup is more of a burden to the village than helpful. Nevertheless at the end Hiccup leads the other teenagers in Dragon Training to save the villagers from the dragon’s nest. That is a big turning point where Hiccup becomes more like his father, more like a Viking. Hiccup has many strengths, although my favorite is his ability to take risks. While every other Viking would have killed the Night Fury, Hiccup saw it was just as scared as him and cut it loose. (When I’m pretty sure dragons were a legal cause of death in his village.) In fact, he was taught to kill dragons his whole life without a second thought, but he cut Toothless loose. Granted it almost gets him killed, but in the end Toothless saves his life. Hiccup is dauntless in a way ,sometimes even reckless, but dauntless all the same. …show more content…
Hiccup does not obey people very well. During the dragon attack Hiccup does not heed the warnings to go back inside, and almost becomes a human torch as a result. Stoick the Vast has to come rescue him, putting himself in danger just because Hiccup did not listen. Judging by their reactions I do not think it was the first time he has done something like that either. Sometimes not listening to others is a good thing but maybe he should listen when people tell him to go inside when dragons are

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