Character Analysis of Dean Winchester Essay

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Anna Prioletti
Professor Watts
English 102 A24
January 20, 2013
Through the Eyes of Dean Winchester:
On the Road and On the Hunt In my favorite TV show, Supernatural, one of the protagonists and my favorite character is Dean Winchester, a certainly very round character. The series begins in Lawrence, Kansas with the demonic death of Dean’s mother Mary. Consequently he, his brother Sam, and his father John are thrust into the world of the supernatural. John becomes obsessed with hunting the evil he encounters and ultimately tracking down the demon that killed Mary. As Dean grows, he learns more and more about hunting, weaponry, and the supernatural creatures that haunt this world. Due to circumstance, he is forced to grow up at
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He could never share these feelings with his brother or father. He consistently struggles internally with the pressures and worries he feels. In many episodes, Dean shows his ways of coping with these struggles. In serious or dangerous situations, he turns to sarcasm and quick witted humor to not only lighten the mood, but to also keep up his strong, “tough guy” image for everyone else. Often he is shown drinking, eating unhealthy road food, and delighting in the company of different women. Sam, being the more “sharing and caring” of the two, is relentless in his quest to peel back Dean’s hard outer surface and uncover the emotions he guards so closely. Over the course of the show, Dean and Sam have gone through many tragedies, and Dean bottles it all up until he gets to a breaking point. Thankfully, Dean becomes more and more able to express himself and learns it’s the only way he can get through it all. Dean Winchester is a gorgeous, funny, lovable character whose journey through life as a hunter has added a dark, mysterious, and painful side. It’s easy to relate to him as his fears and desires are not unlike my own, excluding the demon/monster killing of course. The love he has for his family and passion he exudes for his job has stuck with me from the beginning. His desire to protect those he can and serve himself last are his best qualities. If he taught me anything, it’s that no matter what you do, give it your

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