Character Analysis of Cory in The Play Fences by August Wilson

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death of a salesman father-sonfffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff fffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffd Troy Maxson’s father-son relationship is anything but desirable. The harder Cory works to better himself, the lower the moral between Cory and Troy becomes. Cory excels in football and is given the opportunity by recruits to go to college by playing football for the school. Troy refuses to sign the papers to allow Cory to be recruited because of a fear …show more content…
While the characters of Troy and Rose in "Fences" by August Wilson may seem to be the characters whose experiences of change are most profound, Cory’s changes provide a richer subject for analysis because his personal transformation reflects the transition between generations that is characteristic of all adolescents. As such, the changes that the character of Cory in the play "Fences" by August Wilson experiences have universal relevance; whereas, the changes of the other characters are more personal. Cory must negotiate the limitations of his father’s generation and the challenges of forging his own unique identity, and when he does so, he is able to overcome the limitations that have bound him, destroying the metaphorical fences that exist between himself and others.

As “Fences”, the play by August Wilson opens, Cory is optimistic and enthusiastic about his future. He views possibilities for himself that were not available to his father; in a certain sense, he has the opportunity to live the life his father wanted to live but could not because of the racism that plagued society. Cory is a headstrong character in "Fences" by August Wilson and wishes desperately to be

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