Character Analysis Of Blanche Dubois 's ' A Streetcar Named Desire '

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Blanche’s Mental Health In the late 1940’s mental illness was a big thing. Some people didn’t know how to deal with it at the time, and some were just sent to mental hospitals for help. In Tennessee William 's, A Streetcar Named Desire, one of his main characters showed signs of a mental illness. Blanche Dubois is dealing with signs of a mental illness, that is from her traumatizing past. Blanche Dubois had a lot of things going on, this could be the reason why she acts like she does. After losing her family 's plantation, she then became a nymphomaniac, scandalizing her hometown and losing her high school teaching job because of her relationship with a teenage boy. With no money, no home, and fading youth Blanche clings to romantic illusions to sustain herself image even as she depends on Stella for shelter and emotional support (Avinger). This quote is important because, it helps explains what’s going on with her and why she’s staying with her sister Stella. It helps us see, that after she got fired from her job, that she went into a depression stage, which is the reason why she decided to live with her sister. She has no one that can help her, that stays her hometown because she has slept with almost every man there. Although she lost her family’s long-held Mississippi Delta Plantation Belle Reve, Blanche Dubois cannot escape the “beautiful dream” of her southern tradition(Bucker). This quote shows that she has this big illusion in her head, and she is starting to…

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