Character Analysis Of Araby By James Joyce

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This paper will attempt to analyze the main character of araby, but first some background will be provided for those unfamiliar to the story. Araby fits into the genre of a story of initiation. This means the main character, or protagonist, experiences a revelation or insight at some point in the story. This revelation is usually inset into the end of such story, as it naturally resolves the main character versus self conflict that follows unless the character is deluded. Araby is set in Dublin, Ireland, which just so happens to be the hometown of the author, James Joyce. The protagonist is an unnamed boy that lives in Dublin, much like the author, suggesting they are one and the same.

[PARAGRAPH] Joyce prepares us for the realization of the
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At about the three-fifths mark in the story the protagonist has his first conversation with Mangan’s sister. This conversation consisted of of the sister wishing to go to the market but being unable to due to the church event she had to attend. The protagonist casually mentions that he may be going to a bazar to buy a gift for the girl. It is worth noting he was under no pressure to do so. The protagonist was haunted, however by her presence. It followed him I all aspects of his life, even at the strangest of times. This infatuation consumed nearly his entire consciousness during school and at home. On the fateful Saturday the protagonist decides to go to the bazaar he waits for hours for his uncle to return home so he can go to the market. By the time his uncle returns home is is very late. At the end of the story he arrives late at the bazaar. After finding one merchant still open at the late hour he works up the courage to interrupt the conversation the shopkeeper is having. He is brushed rather carelessly aside by the shopkeeper the boy realizes that the girl views him in much the same way. At this moment he has an epiphany and realizes that the girl does not sare the love that he feels for her. This is the moment of realization the story was building to all through the text. In that moment the protagonist

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