Character Analysis Of Old Major In George Orwell's Animal Farm

Old Major was an old pig highly respected by the other animals on the farm. Boxer was the big, strong horse who was not very smart but had a better perspective then most of the other animals. Clover was a motherly, middle-aged mare. Benjamin was a donkey and the oldest animal on the farm. Mollie was the foolish, pretty white mare who loved sugar cubes and ribbons in her mane.
Major called the animals together to tell them about his idea for a better world for animals. The animals would live together and have a much better life without Man.
Major specifically tells the animals to remember his seven commandments for the Revolution. The first states that whatever walks on four legs or can fly is friend and those that walk on two legs are the
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Boxer blamed the executions on some fault of the animals that they must be punished for. His solution was to work even harder.
The animals sang "Beasts of England" mournfully because life on the farm was not as they had hoped it would be when the Revolution began.
Singing "Beasts of England" was banned because Napoleon said it was no longer needed. The real reason, however, was that it reminded the animals of how life after the Re olution was supposed to be and he didn 't want them to rebel and complain about how kiserable their lives actually turned out.
Napoleon was different from the other animals because he had new titles, separate living space, he was hardly seen in public, had protection from the dogs, and special ceremonies for his birthday or other occasions that were special to him.
Fredrick cheated Napoleon by paying for the timber with fake bank notes. The animals were compelled to fight Fredrick because the humans had destroyed their windmill.
The animals were told Napoleon was dying, but in reality the pigs had found the past farmer 's whiskey stores and he consumed too
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Boxer was seriously injured due to overworking himself on the new windmill. The pigs claimed they were sending him to a hospital, when in fact it was a butcher. When the other animals suspected something bad, Squealer told them that the lettering on the car was wrong. They later claimed that he died in the hospital and purchased more whiskey with the money from the butcher.
The animals worked hard everyday because they were satisfied with the idea that they were no longer working for the humans, but for themselves. Clover was stunned at the sight of a pig walking on it 's hind legs, because one of the commandments forbade it.
The new commandment created by the pigs was, "All animas are equal, but some animals are more equal than others,"
When the animals looked into the farmhouse they saw the pigs in friendly relations with the humans. A fight broke out over a card game and the animals could not tell the pigs from the

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