Character Analysis Of Alice And Sarah Who Had Been Best Friend Forever

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There were two girls named Alice and Sarah who had been best friends forever since their childhood. They lived in the same neighborhood, attended the same school. However, they both were made of two different character. Alice was joyful and outgoing. In the other hand Sarah was very shy and quiet.

One day, they both were having conversation about their friendship.
Alice started to talk and asked, “Do you think we will be best friend forever?”
Sarah said, “I think so. Why wouldn 't we?”
“I don 't know, sometimes people become different when they get older.” said Alice.
“You know what, I have an idea. Why don 't we take blood promise.”
Alice surprisingly asked, “A What!”
Sarah replied, “A blood oath” Look we both gonna swear that we will be stay in touch and will be best friend forever.”
Alice said, “That’s nonsense” we won 't ever lose touch.” We always will be together.”
After so many times of argument Sarah persuaded Alice to agree to the idea. Then, Sarah took a piece of paper and took two peice of needle and handed one to Alice. Then, wrote “Best friend Forever” on the top and signed their name on the bottom. They both pricked their finger and put a drop of their blood next to their signature.
Now their blood oath has completed.

As the years passed they both have been grown woman. As Sarah stayed in the same city and got a job while Alice moved to another city for college. They both got boyfriends and both friends kept in touch by phone. Alice got a job…

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