Essay on Character Analysis : Mr. Bechdel

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Mr. Bechdel is a man that is removed from the world of his family and overly obsessed with his home. According to Alison he never showed much love toward his children. He was too busy constantly working on his fixer-upper of a home. He frequently used his children to help him with the house or as Alison quotes “My brother and I were free labor. Dad considered us extensions of his own body.” This obsession with their home is brought to the reader’s attention as early as the second page when Alison is playing with her father (a rare occurrence), when he is finished he tells her to grab the vacuum because the rug is dirty. Most fathers might enjoy the time with their child and ignore the fact in order to give the child attention. Bechdel goes on in the chapter to show different scenarios Mr. Bechdel was fixated on like curtains, wall paper, decorations, and more. He was also a short tempered man. In one panel his son does not hold up the family Christmas tree up sufficiently and drops it. The son shields his head to avoid his father’s hand; luckily he escapes and runs off. Mr. Bechdel was only worried about public appearance never the problems within. One panel Bechdel shows her family getting a picture all dressed and polished. The next panel they are all seen in church together. Nothing shows a happy family like attending church regularly. Needless to say Bechdel makes it obvious her father was not a notable father figure.
It’s obvious that there are some types of…

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