Character Analysis : Molly Bolt Essay

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The main character, narrator, and protagonist, Molly Bolt, has various relationships throughout the unfolding of Rita Mae Brown’s Rucyfruit Jungle. These include her adoptive mother and father, her childhood friends, and her lovers. In the book’s introduction, the reader is given a prime example of Molly’s brutal and severe relationship with her mother, Carrie (Overview, Novels). After she and Brockhurst Detwiler were caught selling peeks at his un-circumcised penis, Molly returns home to Carrie raging. She yells at Molly, accusing her of giving Detwiler a handjob, and saying she has shamed the whole family (Brown). During this fight in chapter one, Carrie takes hold of Molly, shakes her harshly, and threatens, “You better straighten up, girl, or I’ll throw you back where you came from- the gutter” (Brown). Carrie also uses this time to inform Molly that she had been adopted as an infant and saying Molly is a bastard and illegitimate. She continues to use this against her daughter throughout Molly’s childhood and adolescence (Overview, Novels; Brown). Molly runs away with this new information, foreshadowing her mother’s use of the adoption when Molly tells herself, “I’m not going back there. I’m not going back to where it makes a difference and she’ll throw it in my face from now on out”. Although she does return home that night (Brown). Carrie also uses strange forms of punishment on Molly, and after she hears about Molly’s fist fight with Cherl Spiegelglass, She yells…

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