Character Analysis : Madam President, By Lane Smith Essay

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The author of this book had expressed that boys should show more characteristics of leadership, masculinity, and the capability of being logical. Each of the jobs, that the boys were expected to do, have placed a large emphasis on these traits. The example “Boys are policemen. Girls are meter maids.” showed this opinion well.
Men were expected to put their lives in danger and use their muscles and brain to catch bad guys, while women would not be heard of doing such a task. They were expected to just put tickets on cars. Instead of their being a division of capabilities of men vs. woman there should be free choice. Men and woman are all different there are no set jobs or tasks that either of them should be expected to complete based on their gender like the book had proposed. The final book “Madam President,” written by Lane Smith in 2008, shows the slow but steady progression of gender stereotyping in children’s literature. The book is portrayed through a humorous outlook of a little girl who imagines what her day would be like if she were to be president for the day. In the two previous books that I had mentioned a girl being president would have been unheard of for that time period. Men have been the only individuals to be voted as president, so even implying that a woman could be capable of such a task would be laughed out in the 1950s to 1970s. In the same year this book was published the current president Barrack Obama was elected president. He was the first…

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