Character Analysis : I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings Essay

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Traits, are something that everyone has. They distinguish one person from another and make us all different and unique in our own ways. Traits are not only prevalent in people’s lives in the real world, but are also present in the Maya Angelou’s novel. In “I Know Why the Caged Bird SIngs”, Margaret Johnson shows many character traits. In the novel Maya uses her masculine traits to break down sexist and racist boundaries in the early twentieth century. Marguerette shows masculinity in many different scenes in this book. One of those scenes is after Mr. Freeman molests her. HE threatens to kill her if she tells Bailey or if anyone else finds out. She considers telling mama but decides that it is a bad idea. Margarette says, “The thought that he might kill Bailey stunned me. After he left the room i thought about telling Mother that I hadn’t peed in the bed,but then if she asked I would have to tell her about Mr. Freeman and that wouldn’t do.(Angelou 37) Some may say that she is afraid of Mr. Freeman or that she is afraid Mr. Freeman might kill Bailey. In reality she is not being a coward,but she is behaving like a male. She is protecting Bailey like a father who protects his children. She does not want to see Bailey dead, but rather keep him alive. Protecting someone is masculine trait which can be seen in both a father and in Maya. Maya not only protects Bailey but also tries to protect the viability of her family during the trial. When the Mr. freeman’s lawyer asked her…

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