Character analysis: How does Amir change in the novel The Kite Runner?

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Question: How does Amir’s character change throughout the novel?

The character of Amir goes through drastic changes as he moves from adolescence to adulthood. As a child Amir begins his life in Kabul, where his character is shaped through conflicts with his father and Hassan. Later, when he moves to America he leaves these conflicts behind and is able to create a stronger relationship with his father. However, when Amir is an adult he is called back to Afghanistan by an old friend to confront these earlier conflicts. In The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini, observable changes can be seen in Amir’s character as he moves from Kabul, Fremont, and later back to Kabul.

In the beginning of the novel one encounters a self-centered young boy,
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As Amir departs for America his character can be described as selfish and cowardly.

When Baba and Amir arrive in Fremont his character changes considerably. Amir adapts easier to life in America than Baba and no longer sees him as a legendary father but as a simple man. For example, when Baba becomes angry at a store clerk for asking to see his I.D. Amir is able to calm him down and defuse the situation. Amir explains to the store clerk that, “My father is still adjusting to life in America” (Hosseini 135). This new life helps Amir forget about Kabul and the sins he committed against Hassan. Amir reveals, “For me, America was a place to bury my memories” (Hosseini 129). In Fremont, Baba turns his attention to raising Amir, without the distractions of his business or Hassan to interfere with their new special connection. Amir has never been happier, not only from the new bond between him and Baba, but from his new wife as well. The marriage of Soraya and Amir can be seen as another substantial step in Amir’s maturity. Before the marriage Soraya told Amir about her struggle with her past relationship. Amir jealously announces after hearing this, “I envied her. Her secret was out “(Hosseini 174). When Soraya tells him this he envies the relief she must feel, which urges him to seek redemption with Hassan. Baba's death can be seen as the final step in Amir's journey of becoming a young adult because he understands that he will no

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