Character Analysis: Hammmurabi's Code Of Hammurabi

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Let 's say, you come home from cleaning an irrigation ditch, hot in the sun, cleaning all day. You see some sort of plant has infected your left leg, leaving a large puffy numb section of your leg. You go home and show it to your wife and ask her opinion, she says go to the surgeon and get it checked, and you do. The surgeon peers skeptically at the throbbing skin, and finally makes a consultation on the marks. He Believes he will have to cut you open with a bronze lancet, and let the infected blood and skin seep out. You agree, and he gets a bronze lancet. He cuts you open and the bleeding starts, but you end up losing too much. The lack of blood in your body kills you, and the doctor realizes his mistake. Now you’re dead. No saving you. …show more content…
Ever. So the wife Goes to the stele and finds law 218 ( in order for how it is ordered on stele). She goes to court and law 218 wins. Later, the surgeon gets his hands cut off, and slice. The surgeon did what he could to save him. Was that really just? That is the whole point of Hammurabi’s code, equality and justice to all his people.His code was the foundation of Babylonia, but who was Hammurabi? Hammurabi was a, as he puts it, a ‘righteous’ king of Babylonia who began his rule in 1792 B.C.E. ruling for forty-two years, in which is very long for this point in time. Babylonia was located in mesopotamia, modern day Iraq. Hammurabi was the author of the first complete set of written laws ever discovered, they were named Hammurabi 's code. The code was written on a black diorite, and was over eight feet tall and weighed over four tons. There are two-hundred-eighty-two laws on the stele,All written in cuneiform, Sumerians writing. They were known to be written by Hammurabi 's and the god Shamash. The big question people debate over is wheather Hammurabi’s code is just, or fair. Hammurabi’s laws are not just becauses of these six examples of Family life laws, property laws, and

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