Child Stars Essay

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Brie Del Castillo
Ms. Hunt
ELA 12, Period 2
8 December 2017
Daddy Issues and Angel Dust
Many loved child stars are remembered for the well-known characters they play in movies and television series, but with their squeaky-clean start and pure image, it is hard to come out of that persona as they get older. Going from child actors to well-being adults, it is hard to get away with anything that is not ‘kid friendly.’ Some child actors gracefully grow up into humble adults while some former child actors jump right into adulthood and making a complete one-eighty. A great example of the duality of behaviors by child stars are two of the main characters from Shake It Up. The better half of the child stars is best represented by twenty-one-year-old
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But before hitting the big screen, Lohan worked as a model and worked in commercials for over two hundred companies. Her father was never around, and when he was, was not a good influence. Because of struggling within the family, Lohan’s environment, at the time, wasn’t healthy. In an interview with Steve Harvey, Lohan’s parent stated, “’You know, I think when she was little, she saw most of the abuse. And so Lindsay did witness a lot, and I absolutely think it takes its toll on children as well’” (Lohan). Lohan’s parents blamed themselves for the actions she has made as an adult but never stopped what was hurting her as a child. “According to Dina, Lindsay was affected by all that she saw as a child — and she’s not to blame for her faltering career or oddball antics. “She saw a lot of crazy stuff. I want the world to know the root of her problems,” said the mother of four” (Maysh). Many people were not aware of the domestic abuse in the Lohan household and only saw what was presented by the media, Lohan’s big hits. With that in mind, we only see what the media presents to us. Once Lohan’s darker side of life her life started to emerge, the media sniffed out the hot mess and went after …show more content…
At the age of eighteen, Lohan overdosed on cocaine and was admitted into rehab. “Michael says Lindsay was shooting the movie after he and her mother Dina Lohan split and she found it difficult to get over the break up.” As a coping mechanism, Lohan turned to drugs and alcohol. According to…, Lohan started after the split and continued to use years later. But, because of projects and films, Lohan’s popularity spiked with all her business going around. Everyone knew about what she was doing and what she was going through, but not very many people seemed to care. They had some personal opinion, and some believed the opinion of the media. The media highlighted some of her good outshines and made her bad decisions the main event.
Through her road to recovery, fall into adulthood, and praise as a child actress, Lohan has remained a favorite in the eyes of the public despite the rough paths she has gone through. The negative effects on being a child actor may have gotten the best of Lohan and left the worst of her in her young adult years, but she is still growing and learning. For Lohan, daddy issues and angel dust are what the media has magnified in Lohan’s life, but society as a whole see her for her greatest

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