Character Analysis : A Street Car Named Desire Essays

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Scene 2, of A Street Car Named Desire, in the movie and the playwright is a particular scene that stood out. This is the part when Stanley questions Blanche about losing Belle Reve and if there were papers to prove it. Stella asked Stanley not to question her sister because she is under a lot of stress. This part of the play is important because the main characters’ personality and relationships toward each other start to stand out.
Stanley’s aggressive nature starts to develop as starts to get angry at how Blanche is trying not to talk about the loss Belle Reve. He also starts to show a little possessiveness he has over Stella, his wife, and Blanche’s sister. He not only thinks that Belle Reve belongs to his wife but he thinks what is hers is his too. Then there is Blanche’s character. In scene 2 her southern charm starts to stand out. She thinks she can avoid Stanley’s questions by charming her way out of it and changing the subject. How she reacts to Stanley is important because it shows that she is trying to hide something under that charm. This particular scene starts to develop and show the relationship that Blanche and Stanley have together.
In the beginning of scene 2 in the playwright, the stage directions show that Blanche is taking a bath. Her taking baths symbolize her need to cleanse herself and to keep her emotionally stable and rejuvenating. After everything Blanche has been through she thinks a bath will help her emotionally. Then it turns to the part where…

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