Essay about Chapter08 review questions

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1. Which high-speed storage network protocols used by a SAN is IP-based?
a. iSCSI
b. FC
c. FCoE
2. Which Fibre Channel zone is the most restrictive?
a. FC hard zone
b. FC soft zone
c. FC port zone
d. FC interface zone
3. An attacker can use NetBIOS to determine each of the following EXCEPT ______________.
a. Computer names
b. Contents of the remote name cache
c. List of remote NetBIOS names
d. List of resolved names
4. Which type of log can provide details regarding requests for specific files on a system?
a. Event log
b. Access log
c. Audit log
d. Sysfile log
5. Which type of device log contains the most beneficial security data?
a. Email log
b. Switch log
c. Firewall log
d. Router log
6. Which type of cloud is offered to all
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a. IP addresses that are being rejected and dropped
b. Successful logins
c. Suspicious outbound connections
d. IP addresses that are being rejected and dropped
15. If a group of users must be separated from other users, which is the most secure network design?
a. Use a VLAN.
b. Connect them to different switches and routers.
c. Use a subnet mask.
d. It is impossible to separate users on a network.

16. Why is loop protection necessary?
a. It makes a DMZ more secure.
b. It denies attackers from launching DDoS attacks.
c. It prevents a broadcast storm that can cripple a network.
d. It must be installed before IEEE 802.1d can be implemented.
17. What does MAC limiting and filtering do?
a. It limits devices that can connect to a switch.
b. It allows only approved wireless devices to connect to a network.
c. It prevents Address Resolution Protocol spoofing.
d. It provides security for a router.
18. In a network using IEEE 802.1x, a supplicant ____________________.
a. Must use IEEE 802.11d to connect to the network
b. Makes a request to the authenticator
c. Contacts the authentication server directly
d. Can only be a wireless device
19. Which statement is true regarding security for a computer that boots to Apple Mac OS X and then runs a Windows virtual machine.
a. The security of the Apple Mac OS x completely protects the Windows virtual machine.
b. The hypervisor protects both the Apple Mac OS X and

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