Chapter01.the Changing Role of Managerial Accounting in a Dynamic Business Environment

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Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which of the following statements about managerial accountants is false? A. Managerial accountants more and more are considered "business partners." B. Managerial accountants often are part of cross-functional teams. C. An increasing number of organizations are segregating managerial accountants in separate managerial-accounting departments. D. In a number of companies, managerial accountants make significant business decisions and resolve operating problems. E. The role of managerial accountants has changed considerably over the past decade.

Answer: C LO: 1 Type: RC

2. The day-to-day work of management teams will
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All of the following entities would have a need for managerial accounting information except: A. Dell Computer. B. The Los Angeles Dodgers baseball club. C. Office Depot. D. The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). E. None of the above responses is correct, as all of these entities would use managerial accounting information.

Answer: E LO: 4 Type: N

17. Which of the following choices correctly depicts whether Bank of America, Microsoft, and Florida State University would have a need for managerial accounting?
| |Bank | |Florida State |
| |of America |Microsoft |University |
|A. |Yes |Yes |No |
|B. |Yes |No |Yes |
|C. |Yes |Yes |Yes |
|D. |No |Yes |No |
|E. |No |Yes |Yes |

Answer: C LO: 4 Type: N

18. Financial accounting focuses primarily on reporting: A. to parties outside of an organization. B. to parties within an organization. C. to an organization's board of directors. D. to financial

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