Chapter Two : Homework Questions Essay

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Chapter Two
Homework Questions
1. It is my opinion that the PACE Act was necessary in light of the abuses taking place, like in the case of the Guildford Four. Although it is not clear how big of an effect the Act has of the reduction of false confessions, it has at the very least reduced the use of abusive tactics within the interrogation room. The argument is however, that these tactics have just been moved outside the interrogation room.
I think it can also be argued that the Pace Act opened the door for videotaping of interrogations within this country.

2. 25%

3. Confessions save time by avoiding trials because confessions usually lead to guilty pleas. Also, if there is no trial the police have no need for more evidence, therefore there is no need for a long drawn out investigation. Guilty suspects who confess usually tell the investigators where evidence can be found. In addition a confession is the closest a prosecutor will get to a guaranteed confession.

4. Before 1930 police used beatings with fists, gun grips, rubber hoses, black jacks, cigarette burns, electric shock, twisting a man’s testicles, and dragging women by their hair. A government commission report titled, “The report on lawlessness in law enforcement,” exposed widespread abusive treatment of suspects in police custody. The report only led to police using more covert means of abuse by police that did not leave marks. They would frequently hold a suspects face down in a toilet to the point of…

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