Chapter Two : A Most Curious Location Essay

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CHAPTER TWO: IN WHICH I DISCOVER A MOST CURIOUS LOCALE Of course, I did not die in that moment, or this account would be considerably shorter. The bed clanged to the ground, and I followed a second thereafter.
Much to my surprise, the mattress served to protect me from any serious harm; I was on my feet before I even thought to assess my condition. In fact, I felt a bit better, as though the drowning incident had never taken place at all.
From what little I could see in the darkness, I was in a cavernous stone corridor, lit only by a few broken stained glass windows. A forceful wind blew round me, swirling my skirts and sending loose strands of hair in my face. I noted a dank, earthy smell, like a mushroom cellar that has been left unattended for too long.
I flipped through he bedsheets in search of my rabbit, to no avail. Looking up, I could faintly see an arched ceiling, most unlike the void through which I had fallen. I realized with trepidation that I would have no choice but to explore the darkened corridor; there would be no returning the way I had arrived, even if I were somehow capable of falling up.
I took a few steps forward. The sound of broken glass and gravel beneath my feet echoed through the hall, loudly enough that I wondered if any-body—or any-thing—was near enough to hear my approach.
As my eyes adjusted to the dark, I spied something like ivy twisting up the walls. Upon closer inspection it looked more like a mass of tentacles, with the texture and…

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