Essay Chapter Twelve - Original Writing

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Chapter twelve
***Carson 's P.O.V***
I was sitting on a bench eating my sandwich because none of my friends had come out of lunch yet. I saw Oliver come and sit next to me.
He looked at me, an unreadable expression on his face. "Hey, can I ask you something?"
I smiled. "Of course you can. "
He frowned slightly. "Um, imagine, hypothetically, that there was a boy who was with his friends and they weren 't nice. Do you think that the boy could change?"
I chuckled. "Are you talking about yourself?"
He sighed. "Okay, maybe I am. Can i change? Am I the same guy I was before I met you? What if I 'll always be a bad person? Am I annoying you? The fact that I ruined your life and now I 'm trying to hang out with you, isn 't that pathetic? Even if you do want me, what if I hurt you?"
I put my hand on his arm, turning around to face him. "Wow, where did this all come from?"
He just grabbed my hand and clenched it with both of his own. "That doesn 't matter. Is what I said true?"
I sighed. "Of course it 's not true. Obviously you can change who you are, but already have changed recently and I don 't want you to change. Because you 're the best you 've ever been. Oli, you 're not a bad person. And I don 't think you 're pathetic for hanging out with me. I feel safer when I 'm with you."
He nodded, trying to convince himself that I wasn 't lying. "Oli, I wasn 't lying. You 're a good person. Just because you 've done some bad stuff, it doesn 't mean that you 're a bad person."
He smiled…

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