Chapter Twelve Of ' Nineteen ' Twelve ' Essay

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12. Chapter twelve

The party was packed. Liliana and Ezra were running around, having fun, and Blake and I were having a hard time keeping an eye on them. Eventually they got tired, and after a bunch of random people cooing at them, they asked to go to bed. Blake and I took them up to bed, not wanting a repeat of me getting punched in the face, and we put them down on Haleigh 's bed. Savanna was sitting in the rocking chair on the side, with Ava. "Hey, you tired?"

Liliana nodded, climbing into the bed. "Yeah, being popular is exhausting. I need to sleep."

Savanna smiled up at us. "I 'll take care of them, if you guys want to get back to the party. I don 't mind, I was going to stay up here anyway."

"Thanks, Savanna. By the way, you look amazing" I said to her, smiling.

We walked back downstairs and I smiled down at Aaron as he laughed and sucked on his hand. I looked through my pockets, pulling out a dummy and placing it in his mouth. He was sitting in the baby carrier on my chest and he seemed to be having a good time. I turned to Blake. "Hey, I 'm going to go get a drink."

"Grab me one?" He asked, grinning at me. I nodded, and he pressed a soft kiss to my lips. He then walked over to Scott and Haleigh, starting a conversation.

I grabbed two bottles of beer from the drink table and bumped into someone with my arm. I turned around. "I 'm so sorry."

"Nah, it 's all good" the man said, smiling at me. "Cute baby."

"Thanks, made it myself" I said, grinning.

The guy…

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