Chapter Seven Of The Reading This Week Essay

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Chapter seven of the reading this week was about the war against Mexico. The title of the chapter was a very fitting title, because the Americans saw the Mexicans as foreigners in their own land. The Americans wanted to claim the Mexican land as their own, and pushed the native people out of their homes. One thing extremely interesting about the reading was the fact that the Irish people were fighting against the Mexicans, when the Irish were just in the same position as the Mexicans; only the Irish were facing the British. In 1830, the government in Mexico prohibited American immigration into Texas, as well as banned slavery in Mexico. Mexico during this time was in a very different place than America. They seemed to have a different focus in life, and they did not believe in slavery. This was very important for the time. The world needed to experience a change, and Mexico was one of a few countries that outlawed slavery. The Mexican government had an immigration policy set in place for the Americans. This policy included: Americans needing to apply for a land grant, converting to Catholicism, and Americans had to become naturalized citizens of Mexico. The American people had to also give up slaves and plantations. Mexico actually prohibited slave owners from setting up farms and plantations. Americans continuously broke laws, and justified these actions in many ways. The American people had to always be the conqueror; they could not bow down to other races, and claimed…

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