Chapter Questions On ' Night Escape ' Essay

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‘Evening escape…’ “SHHHH…!”
Harper awoke to the sound of hushed giggles in the dorm. In the moonlight she could see that the older girls across the room were dressed like they were about to go dancing with boys.
Harper squinted her eyes as they opened the door and the harsh light from the hallway flooded in.
She looked over at Saskia’s bed. Saskia had turned away from the door with the covers pulled up over her, she was either asleep or pretending to be. Harper suspected she was pretending.
The girls let out a final “SHHH…” as they quietly pulled the door to and tiptoed off down the hallway.
Harper looked at the big clock on the wall. In the moonlight from the window she could see both the big hand and the little hand pointing to 12. It was midnight. Where were they going?
Harper had known one or two girls from that group sneak out before but never this late and never all four of them together.
Harper wondered what made them so excited as she found herself pulling on her sneakers and venturing over towards the partially open door. The girls hadn’t shut it properly and the bright light was flooding in through the crack and hurting Harper’s eyes.
At she put her hand on the door to close it Harper could hear noise on the stairwell coming from the boys’ dorm on the second floor.
Harper looked again at Saskia who was very definitely pretending to be asleep. There was no way she hadn’t heard that racket.
Harper understood Saskia wanted to be left alone after…

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