Chapter One : Regret Or Something Else Essays

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Chapter One: Regret or Something Else

A loud ringing noise interrupted Tony from his blissful sleep causing him to wake up. Tony let out a low, groggy voice as he struggled to turn off the alarm, not wanting to open his eyes to look for the button. He was able to stop the god awful beeping without opening his eyes first. Tony slowly opened his eyes letting them adjust and proceeded to look over at his tiny digital clock that sat beside his bed. It read 8:00AM, the time it was set to go off on weekends like always. Even though it was Saturday Tony kept an alarm set so he wouldn’t sleep through the whole day and was able to get things done at a reasonable time. Even though this was routine Tony still didn’t like waking up early. He was never a morning person. Tony grunted as he sat up, the bed creaking in response. He took time to look around his room and surroundings to help wake himself up a bit more. He looked on the other side of his bed to find a figure length lump under his sheets with a mess of disheveled blonde hair at the end. “Shit.” Tony cursed under his breath. He knew exactly who’s under his covers; it’s the same person just about every weekend. Dax. One of his closest friends, yes, he means friend. Also a guy, a guy friend who’s openly gay and in love with Tony, and magically gets Tony, who proclaims to be straight, to sleep with him. It shouldn’t surprise Tony at all that this has happened again, but he always seems to forget about it in the morning, like it…

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