Chapter Summary Of Joseph Conrad's Heart Of Darkness

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Notes for Heart of Darkness
Chapter One: The novel begins during a flood on the River Thames, with five seamen the Director of Companies, an accountant, a lawyer, Marlow and the narrator. The narrator describes the sky as a mournful gloom even though it was very peaceful. They all gather to play dominoes not saying a word to each other. Marlow is the only that talks, he talks about how his journey to the Congo. As a child, Marlow loved maps and always dreamed of becoming a seaman who could visit parts of the earth. When Marlow was young, he spent six years sailing in the pacific before returning to London, where he saw a map of Congo River in Africa. Then he went to Congo River, and spent ten days waiting for the caravans to conduct him to
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Kurtz, he is fascinated about him; the way he has succeeded all these years. Mr. Kurtz is so obsessed about the ivory that he tells harlequin to hand it over to his own personal supply of ivory. Marlow finds out that harlequin was the one that took care of Mr. Kurtz while he was sick. Marlow notices skulls of dead Africans on the end of the stakes; harlequin justifies Mr. Kurtz and says those skulls were the heads of the rebels. In that scene, a group of native Africans arrives carrying a man on a stretcher, that man was Mr. Kurtz. The manager shows up and talks with Mr. Kurtz, they start to argue which the manager loses. Marlow has to choose between Mr. Kurtz and the manger, he chooses Mr., Kurtz. Harlequin warns Marlow that Mr. Kurtz ordered the previous attack on Marlow, Marlow does now know what to believe but he still remain in Mr. Kurtz side. Later on that day, Marlow decided to check up on Mr. Kurtz but he notices that he is missing. He decided to look for him, when he does Mr. Kurtz is very depressed because he has crushed his dreams. Marlow decides to carry Mr. Kurtz back home after all he is sick. The morning, Mr. Kurtz has lost his eye sight and shortly he dies and his last words were “the horror! The horror!” Marlow becomes very depressed; he even tries to commit suicide so he decides to go back to England. A man visits him saying that he is Mr. Kurtz’s cousin and gives him these private letters. Marlow decided to give …show more content…
One motif that recurs throughout Heart of Darkness, was the word “darkness”. I think the reason why the word darkness showed up a lot was due to the title of the novel Heart of Darkness. Everything in this novel had to do with darkness foe example, in the countries Africa, England and Brussels were all described dark and gloomy, even though the sun was shining that day. Darkness appears over the Europeans as a sign of their wrongful thinking throughout the novel. In the end of the novel, Marlow decides not to Mr. Kurtz fiancée what his real last words were because he thought it was too “dark”. In the very end of the novel, the word darkness was very important in Heart of

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