chapter notes kite runner 1-9 Essay

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Chapter Notes For Kite Runner
Chapter 1
Dec 2001
Narrator is 12 years old sort of a flashback
Set in 1975
“ looking back now I realize I have been peeking into that deserted alley for the past twenty six years.”
This quote tells us that he is now currently maybe 26 years of age
Narrator is found talking about his past when Rahim Khan tells him “there is a way to be good again” pg 1
Current location is SanFrancisco
Narrator remember someone named Hassan and this quote “ for you a thousand times over”

Chapter 2 set in Kabul
Hassan his friend is described as very loyal and kind towards others
Hassan has a harelip
Location Wazir Akbar Khan district
Ali is a servant
Rahim Khan is business partner &
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Chapter 4
We find out that Ali is the stepbrother of Baba
Amir and Hassan have a very strong relationship
Baba is not very fond of poetry or writing because when Amir brings him a story that he wrote he doesn’t show any care and interest but instead is relieved when Rahim Khan says he would read it.
No change in setting
No new characters added to the story
No character is removed from the story

Chapter 5
1973 – 1974
Baba is gone out on a business trip with Rahim Khan and are not able to return because of the bombing and gunshots
Situations in Afghanistan are not stable for the couple of days following the past events and that is why Amir and Hassan are scared
Hassan believes that he will be sent away because he is a Hazara and will lose Amir
Amir reassures him that he won’t be sent away
Amir and Hassan get into a fight with a guy named Assef who says he will make sure Hassan is sent away.
Amir tells them to go away but instead is threatened that he will be beaten and that is when Hassan steps in and saves him.
Chapter 6 we see how Hassan and Amir are very fascinated about the kite flying tournament
Amir is told by his father that he thinks he will win
Hassan and Amir fly the kite and cut the last kite
Hassan is found by Amir sitting by a tree eating instead of following the kite
Amir ask Hassan what he is doing and then is told that the kite

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