Chapter Nineteen : Show Time Essay

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Chapter Eighteen: Show Time
After Dave’s twentieth lap around the sofa, Eddie returned to the living room, walked past him and headed straight for the study. Once there, he opened the door and stared at him. “David, we need to talk.”
A spasm of fear shuddered down his spine. Nothing good ever came after “we need to talk.” Nasif smiled his encouragement and Dave followed the mercenary in. Eddie closed the door and turned to face him.
“What’s there to talk about? They’re going to go in and get Ally.” Dave’s voice rose ten octaves higher than normal because the answer scared the shit out of him.
“Sit down.”
Nervous energy turned to irritation. “I don’t want to sit down. Tell me what the fuck is going on.”
Eddie positioned himself on the corner of the wooden desk and finally made eye contact. “Delta Force will infiltrate the city in the next two hours and make their way to the compound. Their mission is to capture Ibrahim Ayoub.”
The words were just what he wanted to hear, but the hesitant way they were spoken set off alarms. “That’s good, right? They’ll get Ally out.”
“In order to ensure they get him, they will not go in until they have confirmation Ayoub is in the building.”
Anger tightened Dave’s throat as the pieces fell into place. “What? You heard Nasif. My wife will be dead before that man shows up.”
Instead of answering, Eddie looked away.
Dave clenched his jaw, and the room spun. He held onto the wall and steadied himself. When things stopped moving, he finally…

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