Chapter Eleven Of The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald Essay

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Chapter Eleven

Three days later...

Not expecting to be stranded for three days at the house of John Russell, Luke wanted to see the lady wolf before he left. He walked into the containment room where the gray was being kept. She was in a six by six plexiglass recovery cell. Calmly sitting in the corner licking her wound–which was a good thing. When he walked into the room, she tried standing, but quickly realized that it was hopeless. Putting his hand on the outside of the plexiglass, and Madam, as she would now be called, showed how grateful she was by licking the glass like she was licking his hand. He hated to leave her behind but she was in the best of hands.

There was not a cloud in the Idaho sky. The wind was nil. It had done its damage for three long nights. Sending pummeling snow drifts halfway up telephone poles, and knocking the electric off and on. The main road was closed until a convoy of National Guard trucks showed up and plowed them open. But only one lane was drivable. Luke looked at the thermometer that was on the porch. It was twelve degrees and slowly rising. The sun, in which was seldom seen in those parts during winter, gave life to everything that it shined on. He looked east some and could see the snow-filled summits of the Tetons.

The team 's next move would be sending the game commission, the U.S. Attorney General, and the National Park Service, the video recording of the massacre. To demand that justice be served by the strong…

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