Chapter Analysis : ' The Slave Trader ' Essay

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Chapter 1: The author depicts the relationships between slaves and their masters in Kentucky. Outside characters like the slave trader help the reader identify with the economic and social issues that inundate slavery and southern living.

Chapter 2:. As depicted in chapter two, slaves are not permitted to marry, and some masters even prohibit their slaves from succeeding in factories to force them to “know their place.” Slaves who are treated poorly by their masters often lose their faith and struggle to find meaning in life.

Chapter 3: Some slaves lose their faith in what they call “the cruel world they live in” because their masters deprive them of basic respect, rights (like marriage), and happiness. This causes slaves to risk escaping on the dangerous road to Canada rather than stick around to live the demoralizing lifestyle.

Chapter 4: The author’s depiction of a warm atmosphere shows that some slave owners were kind to their slaves and even taught them religious beliefs, and how to read and write. When money gets tight, the bond that owners and slaves have together might be destroyed through the slave trade because the owner may have no other way to keep his or her head above water financially.

Chapter 5: The role of women in this time period is subtle, but is the voice of reason for many of their male counterparts. The advice isn’t always taken, but they implant moral obligations in the heads of their male counterparts and intend to shed light on such dark…

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