Chapter 9 Of Guiding Children 's Social Development Essay

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Chapter 9 of Guiding Children 's Social Development and Learning focuses primarily on the physical envionment and how it affect 's the social development of a child. It is important to consider how the space that a child learns in can change their ability to interact with others. Furthermore, the use of scheduling can also impact a child 's understanding of what is expected in an environment. It is the teacher 's responsibility to plan accordingly and to consider how making these small changes can contibute to the ability for a student to learn and communicate in these spaces. There are many ways that these decissions can be integrated into classrooms and by taking the time to create an environment that allows all children to learn and grow, they are also ensuring that they can succeed academically.

Classrooms are composed of many different uses of space. Although some areas may not be altered such as walls or doors between rooms, the teacher has the ability to create spaces using different phsycial elements such as furniture, lighting, and the ways that the room is decorated. This may vary depending on the program. By ensuring that the space is cleaned regularly, it also promotes these skills in children 's development. Another reason that it is important to keep a classroom clean is to also promote a safe environment to learn. The walls of a classroom can affect the overal mood of the environment; accoding to the text, “Warm colors such as orange and red…

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