Chapter 8 Products, Services, and Brands: Building Customer Value

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Nike: Building Deep-Down Brand-Customer Relationships
Marketing is all about creating brands that connect with customers, and few marketers have done that as well as Nike. During the past several decades, Nike has built the Nike swoosh into one of the world’s best-known brand symbols. During the 1980s, Nike revolutionized sports marketing. It powered its way through the early 1990s, aggressively adding products in a dozen new sports, including baseball, golf, skateboarding, wall climbing, bicycling, and hiking. In the late 1990s, however, Nike stumbled and its sales slipped. Nike needed to rekindle the brand’s meaning to consumers.
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Starting the Discussion
To kick things off, demonstrate the pervasiveness of the Nike brand with a visit to Here, you and the students can browse the company’s latest innovations in football, basketball and running gear, then check out Nike+ community. This section offers customers a range of social media tools to boost their personal fitness, talk with fellow sports enthusiasts, and best of all, to connect with the Nike brand on a new level. Challenge the students to articulate Nike’s branding strategy. Use the following questions to direct the discussion.

Discussion Questions
When you think of the Nike brand, what comes to mind? How is it distinct from other athletic shoe and apparel makers in the marketplace (Given students’ likely passion for Nike, there should be no shortage of responses. In response to the first question, they will probably bring up the products they personally use, in addition to various celebrity athletes who endorse Nike. Touring the Nike YouTube channel and the Nike Web site during this discussion will help illustrate the breadth and depth of the Nike sports empire.) 1. How has Nike managed to build such a strong sense of community with its customers, and how has that challenge changed over the past three decades? (Here, it will be helpful to talk about the personal bond the company has always worked to establish between winning athletes and winning products.

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