Chapter 6 : Summary And Conclusion Essay

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In her quest to tackle the issue of poverty in Ghana, and further build upon her achievement of being the first country in the West African sub region to meet MDG 1, the Government of Ghana has rolled out a number of social interventions and policies aimed at alleviating poverty. As part of its measures, the Government in 2007 drafted the National Social Protection Strategy which symbolizes the GOG vision of eradicating poverty.
The NSPS masterminded the introduction of LEAP as a cash transfer system with the aim of alleviating poverty by providing cash to the poor and vulnerable in society.
Ever since the inception of LEAP in 2008, Ghana has seen a gradual reduction of its population of poor people. This notwithstanding, there still exists a huge number of poor and vulnerable in the society primarily women and children.
What this research sort to do was to among other things critically assess LEAP, taking into consideration its importance and bottlenecks. This was to be done mainly by evaluating already done works on the topic especially as it proved a herculean task to have access to primary data from the ground. The research asked the fundamental question of how sustainable is LEAP. Having analyzed a variety of secondary data ranging from…

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