Chapter 5: Work Breakdown Structure As A Scope Baseline

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Register to read the introduction… Work package is the lowest level in a work breakdown structure which both defines specific deliverables and those resources (people, equipment, etc.) assigned to complete the work (through the WBS dictionary).
i. The work package, which specifies the smallest unit of deliverables, is further broken down into activities during the process 6.1 Define Activities. In some companies with large work packages, the activities can be further broken down into …
j. Tasks, but this is sometimes a confusing term because some companies have tasks at a higher level than activities. So for the purpose of the PMP exam, just focus on activities as the steps taken to produce the deliverable within each work package.
3. Work Breakdown Structure—What is it for?
The work breakdown structure is to the project what the blueprints are to the product, a guide for getting it realized. Although I have listed the WBS under Scope Management, because it helps prevent unnecessary changes to the project (also known as preventing scope creep), but it helps in EVERY knowledge area. | Project Management Area | How does WBS help the Project Manager? | 4. | Integration Management | Helps the project management team see the entire project laid out in a single diagram. | 5.. | Scope Management | Helps prevent unnecessary changes.

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