Chapter 5 Discussion Questions

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Chapter 5 Discussion Questions – Page 163
1. I agree moderately with the opinions presented here. It seems that this database is poorly designed, and therefore difficult to use. The concerns expressed here seem justifiable based on two facts; first, the salesperson did try to use the database without much success, and second, all the users seem to have trouble with this database. Other factors that may attribute to problems with this database might be that the other salespeople do not want to give up their contact information either, which makes for an incomplete database. Furthermore, maybe the people using the database did not receive proper training. Finally, the database might be poorly managed, as well as deficient in design.
2. I believe the problems with the way this salesperson stores address data is that his methods are random and unorganized. He does not
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Based on the fact that car dealership salespeople generally work on a commission basis, as a manager I would justify the fact that the salespeople have worked hard to build their client list, so wanting to keep the information in those lists to themselves was their prerogative. As long as the company did not have an actual policy about how to store and track client information, there really is no recourse. There are some key disadvantages to this policy. One disadvantage is that when salespeople leave, they take their client information with them. The same holds true when salespeople get sick for extended periods, or take several weeks of vacation. Furthermore, by not having a database with client information, if something should happen to an individual’s spreadsheet or address book, then the information is lost until, over time, it is repopulated. Lastly, if more than one salesperson has developed a working relationship with some clients, then those people would receive multiple mailings, e-mails, and phone calls. Most customers find this annoying, especially when a sales call comes during supper

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