Essay about Chapter 5 Discussion Questions : Questions

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Chapter 5 Discussion Questions – Page 163
1. I agree moderately with the opinions presented here. It seems that this database is poorly designed, and therefore difficult to use. The concerns expressed here seem justifiable based on two facts; first, the salesperson did try to use the database without much success, and second, all the users seem to have trouble with this database. Other factors that may attribute to problems with this database might be that the other salespeople do not want to give up their contact information either, which makes for an incomplete database. Furthermore, maybe the people using the database did not receive proper training. Finally, the database might be poorly managed, as well as deficient in design.
2. I believe the problems with the way this salesperson stores address data is that his methods are random and unorganized. He does not seem too concerned about keeping current contact information beyond phone numbers, because phone conversations are how he does the bulk of his work. The fact that he puts e-mail and snail-mail addresses in the “Notes” section of his spreadsheet makes the information hard to update and keep track of changes. Furthermore, he admits that he does not have all his customers’ addresses. When the time comes for this person to send group e-mails or form letters to his customers, he will have to rely on the information on his spreadsheet, as well as take time to call his customers for whom he does not have the necessary…

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