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CHAPTER 4: The Bonds of Empire, 1660-1750 o Rebellion and War, 1660-1713 ▪ Before Restoration (1660), England made little attempt to weld colonies ▪ Royal Centralization, 1660-1688 • Restoration monarchs disliked representative government • Charles II rarely called parliament into session after 1674, and none after 1681 • James II wanted to rule as absolute monarch o Meant he would never face an elected legislation • These 2 kings had little sympathy for Am. Colonial assemblies • Charles II’s brother, James (Duke of York) considered elected assemblies “of …show more content…
fought France and Spain in Queen Anne’s War (aka the War of the Spanish Succession) • Most important consequence of imperial wars for Anglo-Am. were political, not military o Colonial Economics and Societies, 1660-1750 ▪ Mercantilist Empires in America • Mercantilism – refers to policies aimed at guaranteeing prosperity by making a nation as economically self-sufficient as possible by eliminating dependence on foreign suppliers, damaging foreign competitors’ commercial interests, and increasing its net stock of gold and silver by selling more abroad than buying! • Britain mercantilist policies were in the Navigation Acts o Nav. Act of 1651 – colonial trade be carried on in English (or colonial owned) vessel o 1660/1663 – barring colonial merchants from exporting such commodities as sugar and tobacco anywhere except to Eng. o 1672 – provided administrative power to enforce above o Molasses Act of 1733 – taxed all foreign molasses entering the mainland colonies • Nav. Acts affected Britain in 4 major ways o Limited all imperial trade to British-owned ships o Barring the export of certain “enumerated goods” (tobacco, rice, furs, indigo) to foreign nations unless these items first passed through Eng.

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