Chapter 4 And Chapter 8 Essay

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After going through all the chapters we have went have been going over in Issues of Unity and Diversity, I could relate to almost all of them but I had to narrow them down. I sat and went back through all of them again and two really stuck out to me, Chapter 4 and Chapter 8. Chapter 4 discusses talks about crime and chapter 6 talks about education. Some people may say that those to have nothing to do with each other but being where I’m from they go hand and hand.
The south has a bad stereotype for being some of the worst schools and having some of the worst education opportunities, along with inner city schools that may be up north. Alabama has one of the worst systems if were to try and list them from the best to the worst. According to Alabama 's 2015 NAEP Scores, the percentage of Alabama students scoring proficient or better increased in the case of 8th grade reading, but the percentage decreased in all of the other cases. More than 70% of Alabama students still scored below proficient levels in math and/or reading in the state, with only 17% of 8th graders scoring proficient or higher in math. Also this year, Alabama was at the very bottom of national rankings in math, ranking 51st in 4th grade and 50th in 8th grade math. People who aren’t from Alabama would have their own opinions about why education there is as bad as it is, but only someone who is there and has been around would know what the real issues are and why we are not succeeding like we are supposed to in…

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