Chapter 2 Essay

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GEOL 111G-Survey of Geology
At the end of each chapter are Review Questions and Key Terms. To study for the final, be sure to know the answers (or where to find the answers) for the given review question numbers and know the definitions of the key terms indicated. The Key Terms have page numbers for reference in the textbook.
Review Questions: #'s are based upon the 10th edition. These may be different in older or newer editions.
2. What was the first line of evidence that led early investigators to suspect that the continents were once connected?
The puzzle-like fit of the continents, especially Africa and South America.
3. What was Pangaea?
Pangaea, the supercontinent named by Alfred Wegener, is
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For example, Mesosaurus, an early Permian, aquatic reptile known only from South Africa and Brazil, lived in freshwater and coastal, salt water habitats, much like those of the modern crocodile or salt water crocodile. Such animals would have had great difficulty migrating between continents if the Atlantic Ocean was the same size in early Permian time as it is today. It seems more sensible to believe that the land areas were once together and have since drifted apart as the ocean opened and widened.
7. How did Wegener account for the existence of glaciers in the southern landmasses at a time when areas in North America, Europe, and Asia supported lush tropical swamps? The glaciers had formed in an area of Pangaea that was closer to the South Pole
8. To which two aspects of Wegener's continental drift hypothesis did most Earth scientists object? 1. one of the main objections to wegener's hypothesis stemmed from his inability to identify a credible mechanism for continental drift. 2. he also incorrectly suggested that the larger and sturdier continents broke through thinner oceanic crust
9. What is meant by seafloor spreading? Sea-floor spreading refers to the creation of new sea floor at the oceanic ridges along with its conveyor-belt movement away from the ridge crests.
10. Describe how Fred Vine and D.H. Matthews related the seafloor-spreading hypothesis to magnetic

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