Chapter 2 Fill In The Blank Essay

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1.An extensive network of specialized cells that carry information to and from all parts of the body is called the nervous system.
2.The basic cell that makes up the nervous system and which receives and sends messages within that system is called a neuron.
3.The long tube-like structure that carries the neural message to other cells on the neuron is the axon.
4.On a neuron, the branch-like structures that receive messages from other neurons are the dendrites.
5. The cell body of the neuron, responsible for maintaining the life of the cell and containing the mitochondria is the soma.
6.The fatty substances produced by certain glial cells that coat the axons of neurons to insulate, protect, and speed up the neural impulse is the myelin.
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28. The cortex is the outermost covering of the brain, consisting of densely packed neurons, responsible for higher thought PROCESSES and interpretation of sensory input.
29.The thick band of neurons that connects the right and left cerebral hemispheres is called the corpus callosum.
30.The section of the brain located at the rear and bottom of each cerebral hemisphere containing the visual centers of the brain is the called the occipital cortex.
31.The sections of the brain located at the top and back of each cerebral hemisphere, containing the centers for touch, taste, and temperature sensations is called the parietal cortex
32.The temporal lobes are the areas of the cortex located just behind the temples, containing the neurons responsible for the sense of hearing and meaningful speech.
33.The frontal lobes are the areas of the cortex located in the front and top of the brain, responsible for higher mental PROCESSES and decision-making as well as the production of fluent speech.
34.The endocrine glands secrete chemicals called HORMONES directly into the bloodstream.
35.The endocrine glands located on top of each kidney that secrete over 30 different HORMONES to deal with stress, regulate salt intake, and provide a secondary source of sex hormones affecting the sexual changes that occur during adolescence are called the adrenal

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