chapter 17 AP World History: the diversity of American Colonial societies

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I. Chapter 17: The diversity of American colonial societies 1530-1770
18th century Choctow leader red shoes befriended French in Mississippi valley(traded deerskins for guns)became rich but English cut off French shipping so he made an alliance with the English so was murdered by French resulted in 1747 civil war of the Choctow and killed colonist and Chocktows
1.Wars,epidemics,and territorial loss but also adapted technology and politics but in the end were dominated
2.political and economic demands of Europe,new plants,animals,diseases,technology,American staple crops and other riches
3.complex colonial society: Americans,Africans,and Europeans
Societies represented by diverse cultures,slave trade,natives,and Eruopean colonizer
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Bartoleme de Las Casas(1474-1566)
Arrived in Hispaniola 1502 lived off their labor
Entered first order and became bishop of Chiapas
New Laws of 1542 outlawed enslavement of natives and limited forced labor
So much linguistic and geographical variety that American Indian Christianity was a blend of European beliefs and cosmology and ritual
Catholic clergy and Europeans said it was the work of the devil or native inferiority but led to a distinct latin American culture
1600 native population loss and resistance to conversion caused Europe to focus on its towns
Resulted in universities secondary schools and intellectualism
Church became rich and controlled ranches,plantations,vineyards and bank
3. Colonial Economies
Silver mines of peru and mexico and sugar plantations of brazil
Allowed European captitalism,trade, colonial cities concentrated investment and labor,livestock and agriculture dependence on mineral and agricultural export legacy
a. Colonial mining
1530s and 1540s
Potosi richest silver deposit located in Bolivia(Alto Peru)
Surpassed Mexican production until 1680
Used too many forest resources so began to use mercury
Contaminated environment and sickened natives
b. Encomieda
Natives were always used as labor
Until 1540s were divided among settlers to work called encomieda.Epidemics and mistreatment=pop. Decline
New Laws tried to remove

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