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Islamic and Hindu Kingdoms • In 451 C.E, white Huns from central Asia invaded India and disrupted the gupta administration • Turkish people known as the Mughals extended their authority and their empire to much of the subcontinent. The quest for centralized imperial rule • In northern India, politics became chaotic and nomadic Turkish speaking peoples from central Asia took advantage of that unsettled state of affairs to cross the Kyler pass and force their way into India • Nomadic

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Agriculture in the monsoon world
• Because of the rhythms of the monsoons, irrigation was essential for the maintencace of a large agricultureal society
• During summer, warm moisture laden winds from the southwest brought much of Indians rain fall
• During winter, cool and very dry winds blew from the northeast
• To achieve agricultural potential indian lands required southern monsoon
• Indians arid land didn’t have a benefital water source (like Indus or Ganges) but as population increased irrigation became crucial
• Dams, reservoirs, canals, wells and tunnels appreared in large numbers, with monumental reservoirs that lined with brick or stone that captured the rains of the spring and summer months
• One reservoir constructed near Bhapal covered some 650 square km (250 square miles)
• Caused for extreme construction and maintenance that lead to the signifagent increase in agricultural productivity
• Population increased, by 1500 population reached 105 million

Trade and economic development of Southern India
• Most religions in the Indian subcontinent were self-sufficient in staple foods such as rice,
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