Essay on Chapter 15 & Saranac Lake

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Chapter 15

DQ1: Which do you think is a more powerful determinant of human behavior- cultural factors or individual differences? Cultural factors I believe that has more powerful and influenced of human behavior. The nature of their culture start of people how they beliefs are, perception by experience and Values they learn since their young. It has a huge effect for people work at a diverse group that may cause conflicts but can be also cause of learning and adjust themselves to the current nature. Cultural factor makes individual different to each other. It depends on how powerful a person in the said issue. Some people has a strong cultural beliefs, but there’s some people consider to adjust based on the nature, open-mind to
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Managers should gather information around the company/ employees. Aware of issues and problems especially in a diverse group, identify and evaluate alternatives and select the best solution and implement culture power orientation.

A town of Creates Its Own Department store:
The residents of Saranac Lake, small towns in the Adirondacks have to drive 50 miles to Plattsburg just to buy basic needs of clothing and bed linens since the only local store in their town Ames department store went out of business back in 2002. Wal-mart stores start planning to build a store in town that most people welcome it but people also worrying other local merchants put out of business. People In town don’t want to lose some local business that some family considers as their families income. They raise a capital instead to make their own department store, Its community own store and will benefit its own people. Share in the store at $100 each will make their own investment in their own communities’ future. This community-own store is more likely in some small town like Merc in Powell, Wyo. Its resident investment to their own community that has all the will to buy and sell or pass in families’ future generation. They design the store also that will not affect other local stores in town, for example they sell shoes in the store hat not carry from other shoe store around town. Some products that residents demands but hardly to get in town so no competition in

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