Chapter 10 Review Questions Essay

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What is the difference between leading and managing a project?

Leading involves recognizing and communicating the need to change course and direction of the project, aligning people to this new direction, and motivating the team to overcome obstacles to achieve the new objectives. Managing is about formulating plans and objectives, designing procedures to achieve those objectives, monitoring progress, and taking corrective action. Managing is about putting out fires and maintaining the course. Leading is about change, and altering the course of a project.

2. Why is a conductor of an orchestra an appropriate metaphor for being a project manager? What aspects of project managing are not reflected by this metaphor? Can you think of
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People are likely to be more cooperative if they know you, and you have developed a personal relationship with them. When people view you as pleasant, credible, and helpful based on past contact, they are more likely to be responsive to your requests for help and less confrontational when problems arise. The key is building a positive credit in the relationship that you can tap into when you need help.

6. Why is it critical to keep the project sponsor informed?

The project sponsor is a powerful ally who uses his/her influence to protect the project when it comes under attack in higher circles of management. Project sponsors need to be kept informed so that they can defend the project to the best of their abilities.

7. Why is trust a function of both character and competence?

Character alone is not likely to engender trust. People must have confidence in the other person’s abilities and competence. For example, you are unlikely to follow someone who has the best of intentions if he/she has a track record of failing to get things done correctly. Conversely, one will not trust someone who is very competent but has a doubtful character. For example, you are unlikely to follow someone who is quite competent if you believe he/she is only looking out for what is best for him/her.

8. Which of the eight traits/skills associated with being an effective project manager is the most important? The least important?

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