Chapter 1 Human Geo Notes Essay

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Chapter 1 - Geography Matters:
* Human geography the study of the spatial organization of human activity and of people’s relationships with their environments * Cartography: the body of practical and theoretical knowledge about making distinctive visual representations of Earth’s surface in the form of maps * Map projection: a systematic rendering on a flat surface of the geographic coordinates of the features found on Earth’s surface * Ethnocentrism: the attitude that a persona’s own race and culture are superior to those of others * Imperialism: the extension of the power of a nation through direct/indirect control of the economic and political life of other territories * Masculinism: the
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it can take the form of a diagram, equation, or simple verbal statement (such as a law) and may be used as a summary of past and present behaviour or to predict future events * Conformal projections: map projections on which compass bearings are rendered accurately * Equal-area (equivalent) projections: map projections that portray areas on Earth’s surface in their true proportions * Visualization: a computer assisted representation of spatial data, often involving 3D images and innovative perspectives, that reveals spatial * Latitude: the angular distance of a point on the Eath’s surface, measured north or south from the equator, which is 0˚. * Longitude: the angular distance of a point on Earth’s surface, measured east or west from the prime meridian (the line that passes through both poles and through Greenwich, England, and that has the value of 0˚. * Global Positioning system: a system of satellites that orbit Earth on precisely predictable paths,

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