Chapter 1-14 Chapter Notes On India Essay

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Chapters 1-14
1) For what did the narrator initially go to India, and what did he find there?
The author’s decided to go to India because his last book did not sell well. He wanted to write a new book set in Portugal when he stumbled upon a man named Francis Adirubasamy. Mr. Adirubasamy told the author that he has a story that will make him believe in God and also told him about Pi.
2) Discuss Pi’s life in Canada. Did he initially adjust well to his new home?
Pi narrated his experience when he first set foot on an Indian restaurant in Canada. People criticized him when he unconsciously used his fingers to eat. After that incident, he adjusted well to his new home. He studied in University of Toronto with double-major Bachelor’s degree in Religious studies and Zoology. His Zoology thesis was about the thyroid gland of the three-toed sloth. Although he stated that he loves Canada, he still misses his hometown in Pondicherry, India.
3) Pi’s father ran a hotel before he ran a zoo. In what ways is running a zoo a hotelkeeper’s worst nightmare? How did Pi feel about the zoo?
Pi believes that a hotelkeeper’s worse nightmare is running a zoo because the guests, which he refers as the animals, stay permanently in the hotel while carrying the same nuisance. He stated that the guests are always unhygienic and dependent on the workers of the zoo to clean themselves. He also said that the guests are picky about their diet and can be noisy and unruly most of the times. Despite of…

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