Chaos Of Louisiana, New Orleans Essay

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Chaos in the Superdome New Orleans, a lively city on the coast of Louisiana, was devastated by a level five hurricane on August 9th of 2005. Its name was Hurricane Katrina, and it wreaked havoc across the New Orleans area. Thousands of lives were lost, and thousands more lives were devastated and crumbled. Although many protective shelters were put into effect, they did not properly prepare for the storm. The example of that would be the Superdome, which was used in major natural weather situations to protect civilians. Not only were they not prepared, but hey did not provide protection for citizens of New Orleans. During Hurricane Katrina, unpreparedness in the superdome led to chaos days after that left and impacted people in months and years after, showing that the United States needs to take more effective and efforted steps in order to prepare for the next natural disaster to better protect its people, which is its underlying purpose. Prior to when Hurricane Katrina, Mayor Nagin made a mandatory evacuation for the storm. Although it was mandatory, it did not mean that everyone would be able to leave New Orleans. What the city did not take into account was that a large majority of the civilians did not own a car. In the article, When the Government Shrugs, it states, “There was no attempt, as part of the evacuation plan, to provide transportation for the nearly 100,000 New Orleanians who did not own dependable cars and could not afford to pay their way out of the…

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