Chaos And Violence In Mexico's Drug Wars

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Within our society conflict is unavoidable; there will always be one country, nation or group that believes they are superior and or lesser than another. Therefore these chosen few will engage in violent conflict. One global issue that has led to various acts of violence is the activities of the Mexican drug cartels. Mexico is in the midst of conflict with powerful drug cartels. These cartels have gained enough power that they may be able to decide the country’s fate of control. The war on drugs is a never ending war that has generated and continues to generate billions in profits for those powerful individuals. Within this paper the BBC film “Mexico’s Drug Wars” will be analyzed. Within the film Katya Adler takes us on a journey of the …show more content…
The cartel often resorts to using violence on the account that they often run into barriers when trying to conduct their illegal business, so they use force as a way to regain their freedom. They often will try to kidnap, kill or bribe government officials to turn a blind eye towards their activities. These individuals do not seek to destroy the Mexican society however they do seek freedom to be able to conduct any form of business they please without the interference of authorities. In the film “Mexico’s Drug Wars” Katya Adler speaks to the parents of Fernando a 23 year old who was kidnapped and never seen or heard from again by men disguised as police officers. His father traveled to all of the police stations but no one was willing to help. Katya highlights that “the public brutality of the killings has terrorized whole communities, and hundreds of people like Fernando have simply disappeared” (Mexico’s Drug Wars, 2010, BBC). In the film Katya interviews a former hitman of the Haras cartel who outlines the root of the violence. According to the former hitman “ El Chapo wants to own the bridge, the violence won’t stop until the gringos stop needing marijuana, cause that’s what they mostly use. If today’s theirs 20 deaths tomorrow there will be a lot more until there is only one sole owner of the bridge left” (Mexico’s Drug Wars, 2010, BBC). The Cartels have gained control of many of the media outlets and municipal and state government by forcefully taking over. This can later lead to Mexico becoming a failed state and losing its power. The law enforcement organizations have tried to solve the conflict by arresting and prosecuting the leaders of the cartel, “cutting off the head of the snake” in other words. However fear of corruption and military presence has been a great motivator in these events, so

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