Changing Women 's Views On Women Essays

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Shifting Women’s Views
Britain experienced many shifts between the Romantic and Victorian periods such as, the abolishment of slavery, the discoveries by astronomers and biologists, “as well as this being at the highest point of development as a world power” (1017). Throughout these two periods of British history also emerged an inner consciousness of women denouncing the accepted view of women in society at the time. Through observing the parallels and contrasts between the writings of Harriet Martineau and Dorothy Wordsworth we see how the inner reflections of these women writers not only rejects the “Angel in the House” ideal, but also contradicts those illustrated in Browning’s “My Last Duchess” and “Porphyria’s Lover.” One can also observe the new emerging consciousness of women as a reflection of the social unrest during these time periods.
During the Romantic period, “England was experiencing the ordeal of change from a primarily agricultural society, where wealth and power had been concentrated in the landholding aristocracy, to a modern industrial nation” (5). Because of these shifts, times were exceedingly difficult for country people, many were displaced from their small family farms, and women had fewer options to support themselves without husbands. We also see these realities reflected in the prose of Dorothy Wordworth’s journals. There are many references within “The Alfoxden Journals” as well as the “The Grasmere Journals” to illustrate the place of women…

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