Changing Times Of College Students Essays

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Today’s students Are colleges prepared for the changing times of college students? College students are changing from the ‘typical’ student they once were. Consequently colleges face challenges when dealing with these. Today, school isn 't a sole priority for most students. Today 's students start college much later than before, resulting in various age ranges in classes. Today 's students have their own families and jobs in order to provide for not only themselves, but their families as well. Some students work part time and go to school full-time and some students may work full-time and go to school full-time. Colleges need to accommodate the on-going changes in today’s society and work with the continuing changes of college students.
One challenge many colleges and college students face today is the transition from high school to college. If a student chooses to move away from home, it may feel like a student is starting all over. In high school, people knew everyone. It was their own hometown. Additionally, the teachers helped students significantly and really held their hands through high school. In college, a student will find they no longer have the college professor holding their hand and walking through everything with them and sometimes that adjustment is hard for both the student and the college. Making new friends, no family around and a new place to live - a college student is basically leaving their life behind, or it might feel like that to them.…

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