Changing The Market Strategy For America Essay

1286 Words Jun 20th, 2016 6 Pages
Is changing the market strategy the best way to address the issue? My personal opinion is I don’t believe changing the market strategy will address the issue in why America is obese. The reason being is because people have to find reason on why our country is obese. America have found fought in others for so long and we have to take blame on ourselves. Now I do blame what is put in the foods that we eat now days, chemicals, dye etc. because these are the things that we can’t control. However, as an adult and a parent I can control what I eat and I can control what my children eat. Now days they make it hard for us to eat healthier because the healthier foods are more expensive. Some people can’t afford to pay more for food because now families have expanded. Then you have the low income families who have food stamps to support their families. Food stamps are not accepted at food stores such as central market where the quality of food is so much better. I don’t want to take away for the fact I still don’t think the market strategy gas anything to do with why America is obese. America is the blame for why America is obese. Why not just change the marketing strategy? Changing the marketing strategy isn’t the main issue. I think if anything America need to change what is actually in the food that we are buying. I believe if they stop injecting our foods we as the people of the world can live longer, no high cholesterol, heart disease, and not be so overweight. These are the…

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